MICHAEL BOGERT: Photo Gallery — Feathered Friends At The Lake

Photographer Michael Bogert found this assortment of wildlife on a recent visit to Minnesota lake country.

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Michael Bogert

Michael Bogert is a freelance photographer whose first interest in photography started in the mid 1970s after taking a course it Grand Forks Central High School. Even though stepping away from it for many years, he never lost my interest and recently joined the digital age of photography. He enjoys trying to capture all sorts of moments, from sunrise to sunset, the moon and the stars, and the people, birds and animals that decorate our landscapes.

One thought on “MICHAEL BOGERT: Photo Gallery — Feathered Friends At The Lake”

  1. Thank you for your appreciation of our wildlife in flight, in the water, or stalking their dinner. Years ago, I wrote a report, including pictures that I drew of some of these same birds, with a promise from the instructor that I would get it back, but it never happened. Your pictures have put some of those images back for me.
    Thank you again.
    Wild Hawk.

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